L+F Wedding // Cheongsum for wedding tea ceremony, customized at Mazzario Cheongsum!

Friday, January 23, 2015

Photo Credits to EggBenedictChan

To be honest, I've never worn a cheongsum in my entire life, like never ever, not even those non-traditional online blog store cheongsum dress that is always ever popular during the Chinese New Year Period, haha I've always thought that it's pretty sexy to be in cheongsum, but somehow never gotta around to get one.

And after nadnut's wedding day, it got me thinking.. since we have to be kneeling during the tea ceremony, i probably don't want to be in like my big fluffy wedding gown like how inconvenient and warm it would be!!!

Also, I perspire SUPER easily, obviously i don't want to look like a big hot mess on my wedding day!
Shopped around online for abit to check out what my options and I was thinking of wearing a cheongsum for the tea ceremony and around that time Mazzario Cheongsums contacted me, how timely! :D

On my first appointment with Mazzario, I met up with Jaey and she explained to me the various different range of Cheongsums that they have and also that they are able to customize the cheongsum in many many variation, so excited! Definitely going to get mine customized like duh! Muahaha

First they picked out afew different "cuts" for me to try to see which would suit my body type better and here are some of the different designs i tried!

After trying on afew i found something that caught my eye!!!

We're going to customize something like this, but in a different lace mesh + lace accents and for it to be a short cheongsum instead of a long gown type. The long gown type that i'm wearing certainly is pretty but it would be much harder to kneel in during the tea ceremony..

They took my measurements and we set a date to do the 1st fitting about one month before the wedding! So jumping on, one month before the wedding, went for my fitting at Mazzario Cheongsum

Had to dress in the cheongsum very carefully cos they have pinned the gorgeous lace accents on parts of the cheongsum:

And one week later we went for another final fitting and it was PERFECT! Fit me to a T, hehe.

Really love my teadress to bits and i can't wait for CNY to come so i can wear this again! :D

Photo Credits to EggBenedictChan

If you're looking out for a customized cheongsum/teadress for special occasions or your upcoming wedding, you can check them out at wheelock! If you're looking to customize, do note that appointment is preferred so do drop them a call to set up an appointment! (:

Mazzario Cheongsum
Wheelock Place #03-06
+65 6235 9329

♡ Love, TheLuckiestChick.

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